Commit f26d8fab authored by Jay Ta'ala's avatar Jay Ta'ala
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FIX: should not use sw-opti option (deprecated and makes everything slow

with vsync).
parent 59b4f009
......@@ -194,7 +194,7 @@ dbe = false;
# Limit picom to repaint at most once every 1 / refresh_rate second to boost performance.
# This should not be used with --vsync drm/opengl/opengl-oml as they essentially does --sw-opti's job already,
# unless you wish to specify a lower refresh rate than the actual value.
sw-opti = true;
sw-opti = false;
# Unredirect all windows if a full-screen opaque window is detected, to maximize performance for full-screen windows, like games.
# Known to cause flickering when redirecting/unredirecting windows.
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