Rake tasks (FREE SELF)

GitLab provides Rake tasks to assist you with common administration and operational processes.

You can perform GitLab Rake tasks by using:

  • gitlab-rake <raketask> for Omnibus GitLab installations.
  • bundle exec rake <raketask> for source installations.

Available Rake tasks

The following Rake tasks are available for use with GitLab:

Tasks Description
Back up and restore Back up, restore, and migrate GitLab instances between servers.
Clean up Clean up unneeded items from GitLab instances.
Development Tasks for GitLab contributors.
Elasticsearch Maintain Elasticsearch in a GitLab instance.
General maintenance General maintenance and self-check tasks.
Geo maintenance Geo-related maintenance.
GitHub import Retrieve and import repositories from GitHub.
Import repositories Import bare repositories into your GitLab instance.
Import large project exports Import large GitLab project exports.
Integrity checks Check the integrity of repositories, files, LDAP, and more.
LDAP maintenance LDAP-related tasks.
List repositories List all GitLab-managed Git repositories on disk.
Migrate snippets to Git Migrate GitLab Snippets to Git repositories, and show the migration status.
Praefect Rake tasks Praefect-related tasks.
Project import/export Prepare for project exports and imports.
Sample Prometheus data Generate sample Prometheus data.
Sidekiq job migration Migrate Sidekiq jobs scheduled for future dates to a new queue.
SMTP maintenance SMTP-related tasks.
SPDX license list import Import a local copy of the SPDX license list for matching License Compliance policies.
Repository storage List and migrate existing projects and attachments from legacy storage to hashed storage.
Reset user passwords Reset user passwords using Rake.
Uploads migrate Migrate uploads between local storage and object storage.
Uploads sanitize Remove EXIF data from images uploaded to earlier versions of GitLab.
Service Data Generate and troubleshoot Service Ping.
User management Perform user management tasks.
Webhooks administration Maintain project webhooks.
X.509 signatures Update X.509 commit signatures, which can be useful if the certificate store changed.

To list all available Rake tasks:

# Omnibus GitLab
sudo gitlab-rake -vT

# Installations from source
cd /home/git/gitlab
sudo -u git -H bundle exec rake -vT RAILS_ENV=production